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Whilst I am working on the new home for Rocket Pencil Productions, you can check out some of my latest work! I'll be back very soon. I promise!

Pebbles Inc. Piñata Instagram Video

Working for American Crafts, parent company to Pebbles Inc., I was approached to animate a pinata for a Instagram giveaway. I was given the artwork and began animating using Adobe After Effects, Newton 2 and Auto Sway. Music was from

Pebbles Inc We Go Better Together

First ever animation I have done using vector art from Illustrator files and using After Effects. Pebbles Inc is a company owned now by American Crafts which I recently started working for. They asked me to create a video showing off a new paperline they will be releasing. Having access and being able to collaborate with the deisgners who made the characters and all facets of design, I thought of animation.

This is the result of the short.

Jen Hadfield Instagram Video Intro

Tasked to create a:15 second video introducing Jen Hadfield to Pebbles Inc followers.

Pebbles Homegrown Collection Instagram Video

The second project completed using Adobe After Effects with illustrations from Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrations by Melissa Moyle and Desirae Struthers

Sometimes It Burns

Sometimes It Burns was a collaboration between Levi Peterson and myself. Levi being a great gaffer and I wanting to work on a noir film, we teamed up. I was the cinematographer on the project and gave the directing reins to Brian Patrick St Clair. Bryce Hess took over writing duties.

Mikeys Hole - After Effects Sign Replacement

This was a personal project where I filmed the “plate”, motion tracked the footage and replaced the text with “Mikey’s Hole.” Original text was “Timpanogos Room”

Adobe After Effects, Mocha AE, Mocha Import+

Sweater Weather Cover - The Neighbourhood -J'adore- Emily Taylor Wells Juliette Martin
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner
May The 4th Be With You
Minc™ Foil Applicator
Raceland Coilover Video

My Services

I film.

Commercials, web branding videos, YouTube Ads and Crowdfunding videos. I specialize in short form advertising!

I edit.

Have footage from a project that you need finished or need some beauty work? I do that, making the cut, color correcting and color grading, logo removal and visual effects!

I build studios.

I have set up numerous video studios for clients and previous employers. Let me build your studio and save the headache, research and time soak for me and save money doing it! Only what you need when you need it.