Canon My Dearest, Goodbye! Improve now!

My dearest Canon, how have we rode together, what an amazing ride. We have taken some weird images with some amazing ones in the wild and on a film set. You've brought wonder and butterflies into my heart from the day we met with the possibilities running through my imagination, "I could film this" and "wouldn't it be great to do a photoshoots of…"  

Then as we became closer and more reliant on each other spending so much more time I started to see pieces of you I didn't notice through the vail of creativity/being a film student. I started working more on client gigs and you were there but you started to lag behind. Instead if helping, you refused to offer a hand rather stubbornly carried on your way in your own direction. I tried and tried to explain that we could grow together and do amazing things but we needed to tweak our relationship a little.


I know I know what you are saying, I can't expect change but I would appreciate some listening to my pleas. Then when you did listen, the only options you provided were, well, not what I needed. I started to wonder if you ever listened at all. I mean, 1DC, that was just too expensive and I couldn’t handle that cost of treatment. A veiled attempt of trying to meet my needs but selfishly doing what you wanted. I thought you cared.


It became all about you, having to buy “this" to help you work or save for that so your job and my life were a little simpler. I haven't said anything or even hinted to what I was feeling I needed to do but I've been looking around, a little image in the corner of my eye and my eyes wandered. I don't want so many attachments I just wanna be attached to you. But you cannot sea. I feel like we’re an ocean apart.


I'm sorry I've rambled but it is time; it's over. I'm breaking up with you Canon. It hurts but we need to go our separate ways no matter how much it hurts. I've found someone else, Sony. She's an A7 and I love her hipster style and her headphone jacked - oh that gets me ramped up. Not to mention her 60fps in 1080p. Sploosh. Oh God I'm sorry I shouldn't talk about her here.


Focus Peaking!


Shit. Look I've got to go. But I want you to know, I wish that you could capture my heart all over again because I would do it all over again if you just listened. Cause I am gonna miss your L series between my...


Goodbye Canon. Maybe another day we can be together. Take some time and look into yourself for the answer.


Mike Schreurs