What is the process of making a video?


Whats the next step? What are we waiting on? How long does this take? All common questions I receive about making a video for your business. I have created this workflow for myself to investigate the choke points and improve my workflow. Take a look and see how the process works. 
Video production flow chart
Common video creation process.


IdeaFirst comes the need for a video and the idea that follows it. The idea is pivotal because it can set the tone of the project and also the complexity. In all my experience clients, friends and colleagues all stumble here and it accounts for the most difficulties. Why? Because we are taught to dream big and dreaming big means grand ideas but we can’t always meet those expectations. Im asked - how much will this cost - and jokingly my answer always is - barring monkeys and fireworks, this will cost $xx - reminding my client that this is complex.I try to always work off the KISS Principle or Keep It Simple Stupid. Keep your ideas short and to the point. Give the information only needed to accomplish what you are trying to convey. Any more is fluff and can potentially lose your audience.Script If you have successfully navigated not creating a complex idea rather a simple one and it seems solid, now is the time to write it down. Now, by saying script doesn’t mean you have to write in script format. Make a script and stick to it. If you don’t all of the steps behind it will experience terrible troubles of frustration-ness. Pre ProductionAfter you have your script which I hope you kept short you can move into Pre-Production. What does that mean? Basically the step where you gather all of the “ish” you need to film your video. 

The Storyboards so you know what your shots look like and gives you a way to describe them to all the helpers.

Locations, where are you going to film? South American miners trailer? Check.

Releases. Yes you need these. Get permission to use peoples faces. You don’t want to film Tammy and find out you really do not have her permission to put her on a magical pony. For real.

Scheduling. “This will be only a few hours.” Said everyone filming ever. Do you homework and find out how long it will really take. Multiple takes and angles adds time. This goes back to the idea phase.

Props. A giant inflatable alligator may be critical to your idea and if you get a slightly smaller one than huge, you are screwed. This takes time finding the materials you need.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Lights. Camera. Action! This where you film your project and make it come alive. This can be grueling tiring work. It is easy to fall out and say that is good enough, it’s not. Push through the pain and do it right.