Offload from Red Giant Software is a overpriced sweet reassurance

"I’m too poor to buy cheap shit.” Ever since I heard this I have made it my mantra. Do it the easy or cheap way and your life can quickly turn into a digital hell. Offload from Red Giant software is expensive weighing in at $49 for an app that does one thing - copy your footage to a hard drive and double checks its there. You’ll select your source for your footage then select where you want it offloaded.

Select your source and then destination

If you are on set and have another person with a drive associated with the project, dump a copy to their hard drive while you offload footage to yours. In other words a friend is on set and you want them to have a copy ‘cause I have had a friend save my ass before. Love this feature.

A secondary backup option? Yes please.

It’s the greatest $49 I’ve spent in a long time because it gives me two things, a peace of mind and ease. It works and I have confidence I won’t lose anything. Easy enough.

Success! Uploaded or rather offloaded with OFFLOAD

So thats it. That is the review, get it and be happy for one thing less you have to worry about on a shoot.

Offload screenshot from Red Giant Software OFFLOAD