How to remap time in Premiere Pro CC, AKA Time Ramp

Remapping time inside Adobe Premiere is simple and yet, has seemed like black magic to me. I have always wanted to play around with time but when I do, I tend to have universe (timeline) shattering repercussions. Something about time that I cannot wrap my head around.

Well, I am happy to report I figured out the right way to do it and I can show you.

First thing you have to do is unlink your Audio/Video. Why? Because changing the time of the image will not change the speed of the audio. If you did you would change the pitch and things get messy.

Right click on the clip with both the Audio and Video selected then select Unlink. You are now separated....

not divorced. Bad joke.

Unlink and Showkeyframes.gif

Next you right click and select Show Clip Keyframes down at the bottom. Hold over the arrow and a submenu will show. Eventually select Time Remapping> Speed. 

Command (CMD) Click the left mouse button while the cursor is over the "rubber band." You will then have placed a keyframe. Make sure to place this keyframe in the spot you want to time ramp to happen. 

If you want time to return to normal at a point, add another keyframe where the footage begins to return to normal speed. 

Each keyframe looks like a shield split in half. Drag one side to the left and one to the right. This is showing the point where time will begin to speed up from normal and where it will level off at the new speed. 

Now take the rubber band and lift up or down. Up is to increase the speed percentage. Down is to slow down. Has you adjust the first keyframe, the clips duration changes. This is why it is important to place your markers before hand. 

Play back your results and adjust the rubber band to taste. Once you get the hang of this, you really can start having fun playing with speeding up and down in a clip.


If you need further help you can contact me and we'll see how we can work together!

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How To Reset Time aka Start Time on Timeline in Premiere Pro

You may run into a time when you receive edits based on the video timecode your clients used but your timeline doesn't match. How do you match your time code?

Click on the three dashes or what I call "the hamburger" and select start time. From there enter in  your desired timecode. If you want to start at zero, type "000000" a few time and hit enter. 


External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Mac OS X

Let us go on a technical story and explain a key simple fact I overlooked.

What you see below is the Terminal app included in Mac OS X. I resorted to using this app because I have a 4TB Seagate External Hard Drive that wasn't being recognized when I am connecting it to the Trash Can Pro (Late 2013 Mac Pro.) So I went to Google and did my normal search.

Skip to the second section if you are looking for ideas of how to recognize the disk.

An option was to use the diskutil command line, which I did. I was seeing the hard drive but whenever I tried repairVolume or repairDisk nothing was being fixed. Then I found a KB article on Seagate saying to make sure the AC adaptor is plugged into the actual wall, not a power strip. I kept pulling my hair and then tried eraseDisk as seen below. 

On a random whim, I thought to change out the USB 3 cable and see if that was the issue. Son of a bitch, that was the culprit preventing this drive from showing up in Disk Utility or Finder. Swap cables our first if you have issues with your external hard drive on Mac. 

If you continue to have problems, then take/raise the appropriate levels of force gradually. No hammers kids.

Section 2 - Ideas on how to fix.

Open Terminal - CMD Spacebar and type Terminal or go to Utilities under the Applications folder and then select Terminal.


Type diskutil list   This lists the names of the disks and more importantly the identifier. You can see this used in the next GIF, I am targeting a disk called disk3s2.

Type diskutil list 

This lists the names of the disks and more importantly the identifier. You can see this used in the next GIF, I am targeting a disk called disk3s2.

Here I type, diskutil verifyVolume /dev/disk3s2  diskutil tells terminal I am performing a disk command. verifyVolume is the disk utility common. /dev is referring to your computer i.e. my Mac Pro.   /disk3 is the hard drive and disk3s2 is the partition of the drive I am working on.

Here I type, diskutil verifyVolume /dev/disk3s2

diskutil tells terminal I am performing a disk command. verifyVolume is the disk utility common. /dev is referring to your computer i.e. my Mac Pro. 

/disk3 is the hard drive and disk3s2 is the partition of the drive I am working on.

Using diskutil you can use other commands to work on the disks like:

repairVolume - 
example: diskutil repairVolume /dev/disk3s2

repairdisk - A whole disk must be selected to repair a disk, not just a partition.
example: diskutil repairVDisk /dev/disk3

eraseDisk JHFS+ (Note, you will need to identify the file system e.g. JHFS+ and then list the new name of the hard drive)
example: diskutil eraseDisk JHFS+ Audi S8 /dev/disks3s2

I hope this helps. This is how far I have made it in Terminal researching the internet and trying out commands.

You can also check out this article - Disk Management From the Command Line

Embrace the pain

[video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video] Trying to embed this from Facebook but it isn't working. So I uploaded it on my site and below you have the link from Nevada Medic via his Facebook Group. Posted by PTSD Project on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Problem With Top Gear's Ambulance Episode

Oh how I adore Top Gear, (the BBC version.) ever since Season 13 I have bought every episode. Prior to Season I have watched the seasons on YouTube.  The last few seasons have had this nagging but subtle issue that I haven't been able to put my figure on until Season 22 - The Ambulance episode. Top Gear Episode library

Jeremy, Richard and James have always done challenges on every season culminating to humorous adventures that I jealously want to recreate on my own. The show is about 3 blokes who love cars giving each other rough times through practical jokes. The Ambulance episode was no different except it wasn't funny. All of the gaffs, pokes and prods felt scripted and planned out. They weren't hanging out but making a TV show. I miss that hanging out vibe between the three, where I felt like I was the 4th person of the crew. Or 5th if you count The Stig.

In one shot in the finale of the episode as Jeremy Clarkson is roaring through the fake town in his Porsche 944 with ram guards lowered he plows towards two parked cars. Knowing Top Gear I thought that his car had a slight dlchance of working but as he hit the cars they rolled away unnaturally out of his path. In one shot you can see the cars were placed on casters to easily move.


As a viewer I felt cheated and lied to. I'd rather see Clarkson attempt but fail screeching to a halt rather than seeing a fake win. May rams through a wall that has no mortaring done.



May’s patient happens to fall out the back of his ambulance through the then open rear door and slides attached to a tow strap. How could May not know his back door or gate is open? It is things like these that abolishes the suspension of reality.




The hosts have always claimed that their exploits were "ambitious but rubbish." Seeing them succeed hurts. Inversely seeing Hammond fall on train tracks in St Petersburg unintentionally on a previous challenge episode in the same season made me feel his pain as he hit the Tarmac. It was real, not planned and honest.

The three friends (of each other and I would consider mine) are now trying to fill a character archetype built from the many preceding episodes rather than be who they are. If I had to say goodbye on a high note and never see them chide each other or blissfully drift a hypercar rather than watch a forced episode and barely feel any "fizz" as May would put it, then this should be good bye.

But, with the very next episode there is a glimmer of hope. And I am happy.

Canon My Dearest, Goodbye! Improve now!

My dearest Canon, how have we rode together, what an amazing ride. We have taken some weird images with some amazing ones in the wild and on a film set. You've brought wonder and butterflies into my heart from the day we met with the possibilities running through my imagination, "I could film this" and "wouldn't it be great to do a photoshoots of…"  

Then as we became closer and more reliant on each other spending so much more time I started to see pieces of you I didn't notice through the vail of creativity/being a film student. I started working more on client gigs and you were there but you started to lag behind. Instead if helping, you refused to offer a hand rather stubbornly carried on your way in your own direction. I tried and tried to explain that we could grow together and do amazing things but we needed to tweak our relationship a little.


I know I know what you are saying, I can't expect change but I would appreciate some listening to my pleas. Then when you did listen, the only options you provided were, well, not what I needed. I started to wonder if you ever listened at all. I mean, 1DC, that was just too expensive and I couldn’t handle that cost of treatment. A veiled attempt of trying to meet my needs but selfishly doing what you wanted. I thought you cared.


It became all about you, having to buy “this" to help you work or save for that so your job and my life were a little simpler. I haven't said anything or even hinted to what I was feeling I needed to do but I've been looking around, a little image in the corner of my eye and my eyes wandered. I don't want so many attachments I just wanna be attached to you. But you cannot sea. I feel like we’re an ocean apart.


I'm sorry I've rambled but it is time; it's over. I'm breaking up with you Canon. It hurts but we need to go our separate ways no matter how much it hurts. I've found someone else, Sony. She's an A7 and I love her hipster style and her headphone jacked - oh that gets me ramped up. Not to mention her 60fps in 1080p. Sploosh. Oh God I'm sorry I shouldn't talk about her here.


Focus Peaking!


Shit. Look I've got to go. But I want you to know, I wish that you could capture my heart all over again because I would do it all over again if you just listened. Cause I am gonna miss your L series between my...


Goodbye Canon. Maybe another day we can be together. Take some time and look into yourself for the answer.


Mike Schreurs