Keep video organic to the platform and other social video tips.

I sat down with a marketing specialist at my workplace to talk about Facebook Videos and why they work. Raquel Acevedo is a photographer by trade and manages the social for Pink Paislee, a company owned by American Crafts. Here is our conversation.

Mikey: Why is video on Facebook important?

Raquel: It seems to be trendy and because FB sees how we post on Pink Paislee. I post a lot of layouts (pics) the more links and videos we post the higher the ratings will be on our page Jessica from WeR told me her clients LOVE video.

M:Why is posting video directly on FB better then linking from Youtube?

R: I am trying to figure it all out. NOW I do know the Youtube thing is severral things A. FB hides them often and B. our clients don't want to click over... The more people who DO like it (the page) see it they will share it and when they share we get LOTS OF stats on our page.

M: So the video needs to be organic on the platform?

R: YES It's all about shares the more people share the more BOMB we get and I need to be THE BOMB.

M: Now for an outsider using FB, would using a video in an ad on FB be worth while to find more followers and get interest?

R: HELL YES. Short. Simple. Yes short inviting videos are FABULOUS for getting more people. YES people want INSTANT. Specially since videos now automatically play on your screen on FB AND I think Instagram and Snapchat and that other video thing have changed EVERYTHING for us.

M: But I have found myself clicking on a link through a video on Facebook.

R: Because you think like a video guy you have to think like a consumer and client.

M: No, the video wasn't video guy related. So where does YouTube play in the new marketing handbook for 2015? 

R: DEPENDS on the clients you are targeting. no I mean, YOU yourself are a video guy so you are more prone to like youtube. 

M: Even on blogs I won’t even click the videos to watch. If I do it has to be amazing and have an awesome thumbnail.

R: It is SO hard to change our way of thinking marketing as artists to US it makes sense but to our clients they want INSTANT gratification. You have 3 seconds to capture people and 7 seconds before they move on the average person spends 3 seconds on an isntagram photo so it has to be AN AMAZING photo.

M: Something interesting Gizmodo does is the featured image is actually a GIF from the video.

R: Oh that sounds fun.

Key takeaways

  • where you want the video to be played by your customers is where you want to upload your video to.   
  • Make sure you know what formats each platform uses and the settings. Example, Facebook prefers videos in 1280x720 and YouTube prefers 1920x1080.  
  • Thumbnails need to be engaging
  • The first 3-5 seconds have to capture your audience.  
  • Think like your customers do.  
  • Customers want it now, don't require clicking to other sites or additional steps

Hope these points help you out on your video journey.  


You can see Raquels work on her website at