My Top 5 Repeat Viewed Movies

The Best Batman Movie out there because Heath Ledger killed the role of the Joker. So creepy and so deranged, he left me wanting more of the chaos. The mannerisms and quirks acted out by Ledger is sublime where every viewing I notice a new tick.

Christian Bale as always did wonderful despite the deep almost undecipherable speech when wearing the cape and cowl. This is the first movie that you can truly connect with Batman and his feelings, his needs and wants. you can innately understand his motivation moving the story along to this three way debacle involving Harvey Dent, who later becomes Two Face, with The Joker causing chaos for the sport and Batman trying to contain the criminal.  I love feeling he could actually exist in the real world, exploring his human choices. 

The Dark Knight Rises

The dark social tones of the story coupled with Hans Zimmers score keep me watching this over and over. The chant song is so stirring that you cant help to feel anything when in the pit. Couple that with the back and forth exchanges in the prison in the pit between the doctor, caretaker and Bruce Wayne, this movie has me emotionally tied every time. Dark and not campy.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I was surprised how much I liked this movie because Ben Stiller is the lead actor. What makes this movie is the camera composition, production design and soundtrack. The story is simple and I like it because it makes me feel good. Patton Oswalts character is endearing and I wish he was my life long friend. 

Life Cycles

A simply stunning film because of the story. About bicycles. Bicycles? Yes! I know I couldn't believe it but I was sucked in a viewing during a down day at film school when the teacher had an emergency. A fellow student started watching and asked me check it out. I found myself then standing for 10 minutes before I grabbed a chair and finished the film.

The narration is all knowing and full of bass, appropriate as the narration weaves in anecdote's from his grandfather's and personal experiences paralleling life and bicycles. Done in a series of short sequences in new settings, each mirrors the narration. The cinematography, sound design, coloring and soundtrack are all mixed to a perfection. Original soundtrack was produced by Data Romance which is worth listening to on its own merit over and over,


Star Wars: The Original Trilogy and The Force Awakens

Because I love Sci-Fi. Period. No further explanation needed.