Prisma- Turn Your Pictures Into Art

I recently discovered Prisma through the Apple App Store and I've been blown away. I have been amused playing with the filters exploring all of the different looks I can apply to my snapshots taken with my iPhone. Some pictures I have in my library were taken with my Sony A7 or Sony A6300 which I have more control over aperture and focal length giving me some interesting looks which are multiplied when Prisma filters are added. 

Here is a shot of Delta I took about a month ago with my A6300. I've added filters to the picture and saved out each example so you can take a look.  

Not every filter is going to work for every picture so as with most filter apps you'll have to find the right filter for the right situation. Once you've applied a filter you can drag left of right to change the percentage of the filter applied. There is also a handy "split" feature where you can see half of the picture before and the other after. 

one thing I do not like is the app forces you to apply a square or 1:1 aspect ratio to your picture. I would like more freedom in the editing of my pictures, there are some photos that are landscape I would really like to use in this app but the square format ruins it for me. 

You can apply these filters up to 15 seconds of video and the results I experienced were good. However expect three things: 1. Your phone will get hot from all of the processing.  2. The wait times for the filter to be applied are exceptionally long to those of you who are not video professionals or serious hobbyists. 3. Your battery will go down quickly applying filters to video on your phone. Nature of the beast. 

Check out my results below and leave a comment on your favorite and also on your experiences with the app. You can find it on the Apple App Store here.

 Here is the original shot.  

Here is the original shot.  

 Here is an example of a different picture including a human being. Me.  

Here is an example of a different picture including a human being. Me.