CMYK Error in Premiere Pro - The FIX!

As a videographer/video person/filmmaker or whatever you chose to go by, you will 100% run into an issue where you have to use graphics or images from a client, friend or priest. Every once in awhile that person happens to be a designer priest... or designer. They work in the realm of CYMK which is a color mode for print. We video peoples work in RGB. You can receive an File Import Error from Adobe Premiere. A tell tale sign that is a color (mode) issue is the Error Message: The Video Bit Depth of this file is unsupported. This can apply to .PNG, .JPG in this instance, .PSD or .AI. Here is how to fix it.

Open the file in Photoshop. Click image > Mode > RGB Color. Then click File> Save

Import the file into Premiere Pro and breath easy. Everything is okay. Throw a shoe at designers for not saving a version in RGB. 

Let me know what you think and if this has helped you out! Took me a minute to learn this one back in the day.