What is the max percentage you can slow down high frame rate footage in Adobe Premiere Pro?

I have this problem all the time. I have shot 120fps footage, and I want to put it on a timeline of 24fps inside Adobe Premiere Pro. But how do I know what percentage to slow it down in the duration tool without going too far and making the footage choppy? If you are like how I was, you will scrub along the dialog box until you find something that looks good. But holy shit! There is an easy way! Math!

Quit your grumbling because I have this handy dandy equation that you can use to tell you the percentage! 

You take your desired frame rate and then divide it by the frame rate you shot your footage in, e.g., timeline ➗ footage = The result %.

It will be your percentage, but it won't be written as such. You'll need to convert in your head. 

24fps ➗ 120fps = .2,  or 1/5 which is 20%. If you are unfamiliar with percentages in decimal form, here is a cheat sheet for you below at the bottom.

Here is another use case. 24fps timeline with footage shot at 60fps. The equation would be this:

24fps timeline / 60fps footage = .04 or 40%. So if I drop my 60fps footage on my 24fps timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro, I can use the duration tool and type in 40% to have great slown down footage. If I got below 40%, my footage will now begin to look choppy.

Seriously, I hope this helps you! Please let me know if it does!

0.1 = 10%
0.2 = 20%
0.3 = 30%
0.4 = 40%
0.5 = 50%
0.6 = 60%
0.7 = 70%
0.8 = 80%
0.9 = 90%
1 = 100%