I know why you are here, you've learned that video is exploding and you want to leverage it.

The process is simple, you have an audience and we find a way to connect to them using emotion. Emotion is the one thing you, I and everyone else in the world have in common. People make decisions based on emotion; who they partner with or marry, what kind of clothes they wear or what product or brand they are loyal to. Using a video to make them feel something is going to give you a better chance of accomplishing your goals. 

online video is actually changing the way we behave; and maybe, changing our psychological profiles.
— http://www.reelseo.com/social-video-psychology/#ixzz45X3w59wj

What makes me different? I think of the feels first, technical second. No matter what you are selling, pitching or raising awareness for, there are emotions tied to it and I am committed to seeking it out. Then we can geek out on the filmmaking side.

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